Local 360 – Seattle

25 Jul

The last time I was in Seattle, we stumbled across Local 360 – it looked busy but inviting and I was hungry for a something different. I have the usual places I like to visit in Seattle: Le Pichet for a taste of French bistro fare and the Virginia Inn for a pint on the patio are always on the agenda. Local 360 was worth the risk, with genuinely friendly staff, honest food and a fantastic bar.

During this trip, I visited Local 360 twice. Once for dinner and a second time for drinks that was a spur of the moment decision after a particularly bad experience at two other establishments. I needed to save the night and as the bartender (bar manager/sommelier?) said, I just needed to ‘come home’.

For dinner, my dinner date and I shared a bottle of Snoqualmie Copperhead American Pale Ale. It was hoppy but balanced, not too high in alcohol like some microbrews and a great start to the meal. We also shared the beef tartar and crispy Buffalo pig ear with blue cheese. The tartar was seasoned nicely tasty but there was no raw quail egg on top, which I love mixing into the meat. The pig ear was deep fried crunchy covered in a blue cheese dressing and hot sauce. It tasted like hot wings but we both agreed was a little too salty.

Choosing a bottle of wine can take a little time and a little trust in the people who are helping you. I was delighted that the bartender as well as the sommelier were super friendly and helpful, patiently answering my questions. The sommelier suggested the Syncline Rose from Columbia Valley, which was a blend of Pinot Noir, Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan, Mouvedre and Counoise. Dry, elegant and crisp, it was a perfect wine with the Butcher’s Grind house burger with bacon and cheese. It’s not often enough that someone recommends a rose, which is too bad because so many roses are great food wines.

We came back the next night after feeling not very impressed with dinner at a different restaurant. The bartenders again wowed us with their knowledge and passion with local spirits and cocktails. We got a little lesson in what was happening in the local distilling scene and tasted local whiskey, gin and brandy. There are places that make you feel like you don’t belong. This is one of those places you genuinely feel the people working there care and appreciate your company. They’re generous with information and always happy to chat. Local 360 is definitely now in my list of go-to places.
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